We are dedicated to the connection, support, development, and retention of BIPOC faculty, staff, and administrators in independent schools throughout Southern California.



We Help Independent Schools Cultivate An

Inclusive Culture On Their Campuses

SoCal POCIS helps our member schools gain a deeper understanding of the many benefits of an inclusive culture and setting a positive example for treating everyone with civility and respect on independent school campuses throughout Southern California. We focus on providing support & cultural innovation for equity, diversity, and social justice.

Our members are comprised of:

  • Administrators
  • Faculty
  • Staff and
  • Community members

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We Help Broaden The
Lens of Understanding
Amongst Educators

A diverse and inclusive educational culture benefits
everyone on independent school campuses.

We are passionate about helping professionals in education fulfill their ambitions by providing professional development tools and strategies to help independent campuses recruit & attract a balanced set of candidates to help build culturally conscious learning environments.

When it comes to attracting and retaining top talent from different backgrounds, races, and cultures, it’s imperative that businesses build and maintain a culture and community that gives everyone a voice. SoCal POCIS provides a blueprint for Southern California school administrators and educators to create a more equitable and inclusive culture to fill professional roles which leads to quality education for all.

We Provide A Blueprint
for SoCal School
& Educators

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