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Our events are ongoing throughout the school year and provide students, parents, teachers, and faculty the opportunity to join in our commitment to shaping our schools, our students, and the enrichment of our campuses.  The events calendar reflects the plan and roadmap to success for our students.

We engage families, business leaders, and community members with events that will assist school administrators to create more inclusive learning environments.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Ernie Levroney-Robles Professional Development Day 2024 with Dr. Liza Talusan

May 01st , 2024 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Join us for our Professional Development event and book signing with Dr. Liza Talusan – The Identity Conscious Educator. Building Habits and Skills for More Inclusive Schools:

Schools are spaces of learning, critical thinking, and discourse where people wrestle with new ideas, concepts, and experiences. To achieve inclusive spaces, decisions are made daily about curriculum, discipline, policies, practices, programs, and procedures. All of this happens through the lens of identity.

Identity very much informs our daily work, even if we have not built the habits and skills for seeing its impact. Building an identity-conscious practice means realizing that who we are informs and impacts how we act, interact, and how we see the world around us. To do this, we need tools to explore what our identities are, how they shape our views, and how we might work towards greater inclusion and equity.

Understanding the impact of identity helps us to build more inclusive, compassionate, curious, and critical spaces for learning and growing.

The tools Dr. Talusan will cover in this session to help you build a more inclusive practice:

1. Critical Check-Ins

2. What is an identity-conscious practice

3. Understanding Proximity

4. What is your risk threshold?

5. Moving to Action

For all independent school staff, faculty, and administrators.

When: Wednesday, May 1st
Where: Mayfield Senior School

500 Bellefontaine St.
Pasadena, CA 91105

*Lunch will be served.

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