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Sponsoring schools receive notice of support at each of our events. Recognition is given to all schools throughout the year and posted on all printed material as well as on our website. Included with the annual sponsorship, each sponsoring school is given the opportunity to send twelve (12) members of its faculty and staff at no extra cost to attend our Professional Development Day event. Sponsoring schools will also have permission to post jobs on our site. ALL visitors to the website are able to view posted jobs and contact information for the schools.

The school sponsorship fee for the 2022-2023 school year is $1800. Join or renew here.

You may also become a sponsoring school by mail. Please send checks made out to “SoCal POCIS”:

P.O. Box 70946
Pasadena, California 91117

Donations from individuals are also welcome.

Have questions about becoming a sponsoring school? Contact us here.

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