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Part-time Spanish Faculty – Start Date July 1, 2022

Sage Hill School

A Part-time Faculty member of Sage Hill School is devoted to teaching and learning, supports the School’s co-curricular programs, and contributes broadly to the life of the School while promoting the School’s mission.  At all times, a part-time faculty member will maintain Sage Hill School’s standards of excellence and professionalism. A part-time faculty member of Sage Hill will inspire a wide range of expertise and depth of knowledge by using a strong pedagogical approach and effective assessment strategies in order to facilitate student learning. A part-time faculty member will foster a supportive and responsive learning environment. Additionally, a part-time faculty member of Sage Hill models the School’s core values in all facets of school life and inspires community members to contribute to a culture that reflects the School’s mission.



Primary responsibilities include the following, but are not limited to:

  • A part-time faculty member must be physically present on the classroom and could teach up to four (4) sections
  • Maybe required to advise a group of students
  • Commit to integrating the Six C’s and competency based teaching and learning into all facets of teaching and learning
  • Maybe required to actively participate in the Service Learning Program
  • Maybe required to contribute to Spring at Sage
  • Attend all faculty/staff, department, and town meetings; as well as all assemblies, school wide events, and conference periods when scheduled to be on campus
  • Support the school community which includes, but is not limited to, attending:
    • Admission Open House (October Event), Development events, Athletic events, and Art events
    • Chaperoning duties per school guidelines
    • Active participation on committees as assigned by the Head of School
  • Fulfill community support responsibility as assigned
  • Maintain professionalism in communication by promptly responding to emails and phone calls within twenty-four hours
  • Remain current with Canvas and posting of grades as per school guidelines
  • Oversee, uphold and implement the expectations defined in the Student Handbook
    Read and adhere to all policies and guidelines of the Employee and Academic Program Handbooks as well as the Standards for Exceptional Teaching at Sage Hill School (SETS)
  • Authentically engage in in self-reflection and professional growth
  • Actively support the School’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity
  • Carry out duties as outlined in Exhibit A
  • Interact respectfully and professionally with colleagues and parents
  • Honor the confidentiality of the School

All other duties as assigned by the Assistant Head of School for Academics

Supervisory responsibilities: Supervise student community.  If you are assigned the duties as Department Chair, you will also supervise all faculty members in your department.

To apply for this job please visit www.paycomonline.net.

Part-time Spanish Faculty – Start Date July 1, 2022
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