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The Human Development Coordinator is a full-time position that works in close collaboration with and reports to the Director of Counseling and Wellness.  The role works in close coordination with the Director of Support Services, Middle and High School Principals, the MS Dean, the Dean of Curriculum and Pedagogy, the HS Deans and the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  The Coordinator plays a significant role in addressing the social and emotional needs and challenges of the students, parents and at times, the faculty. The Coordinator is available to meet with students, faculty and parents individually or in groups for consultation, therapeutic support and resource referral.



Design and plan Human Development course curriculum 7-12, grade level seminars, etc.
Promotes student well-being by supporting division deans, the Middle and Secondary Principals, and the Director of Athletics in the development and implementation of a comprehensive Human Development curriculum (using outside resources as appropriate).
Oversees (and teaches or co-teaches when appropriate) relevant student programs and workshops/focus groups related to student issues.
Serve as liaison with community service providers
Train and support any additional Human Development teachers.
Develop and coordinate workshops and discussion groups for parents and faculty parallel  to student seminars
Partner directly with relevant student life events to align and support key Human Development topics – outside programs, Glove Affair/JustArt, The Pad Project, etc.



Provide counseling and 1:1 support for students as needed, particularly those directly related to Human Development topics and issues, both on a drop-in basis and by the recommendation of teachers, advisors and/or administrators
Work with individual students and their families on social, emotional, and behavioral issues that may affect their school experience.
Support the Director of Counseling and Deans in managing student crisis situations with Division Principals and facilitate crisis response work with students, faculty and families.  Support teachers, students and families with crisis interventions and referrals.
Collaborate with outside professionals as needed to support students and families.
Participate in committee, department, and staff meetings as well as school-sponsored events that would benefit from counseling and human development expertise.
Assume responsibility for other projects as assigned.
Serve as a resource for parents, students, teachers and administrators for referrals and community resources.
Facilitate student support groups addressing issues of body image, self worth, respect and boundaries, identity, conflict resolution, loss/change, stress management, etc.



Participate in weekly Staff Meetings
Attend and Represent Secondary School at Independent School Human Development and Wellness Meetings
Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings strategizing supportive interventions for students with serious academic and/or behavioral challenges
Consults with middle and high school Deans to support the needs of all students.
Assist MS and HS Deans of Students in advisory programming as well as student advisor placements, immersion placements, etc.
Develops (and coordinates with Principals) parent and faculty education opportunities in relation to student and family social and emotional wellbeing (using outside resources as appropriate)
Collaborates with division deans, MS/HS principals and Director of Support Services to develop crisis protocols and policies for suicide prevention/intervention/postvention, mandated reporting, etc.
Assist in evaluating applicants to the school for admissibility; provide input and recommendations to the admissions committee.


Serves on school’s crisis team, advising school during emergency and crisis situations regarding social and emotional wellbeing of students and adults
Serves on school safety committee, advising colleagues about issues related to student safety


Bachelor’s degree in a related field and 3+ years of secondary school experience desired; Master’s degree preferred;
Knowledge and experience with backwards design process for planning;
Maintains high quality standards and pays rigorous attention to details;
Excellent interpersonal communication skills; possesses curiosity and has an enthusiasm for learning; and
Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and social justice both in and out of the classroom; and
Positive attitude, flexible approach, and ability to develop close working relationships with students and colleagues.



To apply for this job please visit oakwoodschool.applytojob.com.

Human Development Coordinator
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