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Middle School Science Teacher

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Salary Range$60,088.00 – $110,990.00 Salary/year


The Middle School Science Teacher will be part of a high-functioning middle school art department that meets weekly and collaborates on planning, instructional practices, student support, and assessment creation. As with any teacher at Mayfield Junior School, there is an expectation that this person will be open to peer feedback, creative discussion, and child-centered in their approach. All teachers at Mayfield Junior School should familiarize themselves with the mission and vision statement and be prepared to actively teach with Holy Child goals in mind.

The Middle School Science Teacher will also be an advisor to a group of approximately 15 students and as such, will be the first point of contact for both those students and their parents. The Middle School Science Teacher should be ready to chaperone class trips, take on typical day-to-day duties such as lunch and carpool duties, and engage fully in all school or division-wide events/experiences that develop the whole child.



  • Demonstrates a desire to meaningfully integrate technology into the classroom.
  • Employs a variety of teaching methods to engage different learning styles and ability levels in the classroom.
  • Prepares motivating and stimulating lessons that reflect knowledge of the curriculum, child development, and student abilities.
  • Encourages an inclusive classroom that accepts the different perspectives and backgrounds of the students and elicits a greater understanding of the world around them with a global perspective.
  • Utilizes a variety of assessments and uses the data from students to develop lessons and instructional activities as needed.
  • Open and willing to co-teach with other teachers in and out of the department to enhance and support the learning of each student.
  • Updates curriculum and materials as needed.

Learning Environment

  • Creates a learning environment that is motivating and age appropriate, setting clear expectations for classwork and homework while maintaining current books and instructional resources that support the classroom learning.
  • Seeks to actively know students’ strengths and weaknesses and responds promptly and with care to parent concerns.
  • Communicates effectively with parents, colleagues, and administrators.
  • Uses the LMS and SIS systems in place to accurately reflect student progress and mastery and keeps it up to date.
  • Meets reporting deadlines and requirements and follows school-wide procedures for reporting progress, grades, and mastery.
  • Demonstrates strong classroom management skills.

Professional Growth

  • Demonstrates a willingness to learn, grow, and improve as a teacher.
  • Continues to update knowledge and skills of the content area(s) taught.
  • Engages in Professional Growth Review cycles under the guidance of the Division Director.
  • Attends and participates appropriately in full, divisional, and departmental/grade-level team faculty meetings.

Other Responsibilities

  • Maintains a positive attitude and approach.
  • Supports colleagues in a professional and collegial manner.
  • Represents the School in the larger community in a positive manner.
  • Assists with projects and school-wide initiatives.
  • Other work-related duties as assigned by the administration.MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science Education or related field; Master’s degree preferred.
  • State certification in Science Education is preferred.
  • Candidates must have excellent writing, interpersonal, and organizational skills, and the ability to work with independence in dealing with the diverse elements of the academic environment.
  • Experience teaching science to middle school students.
    Knowledge of Catholic teachings and the ability to integrate faith into science lessons and activities.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other faculty and staff.
  • Commitment to the school’s mission and values.


The Middle School Science Teacher works primarily indoors in a classroom setting. They may need to lift and carry classroom supplies and equipment. They may also be required to attend school events and meetings outside of regular school hours.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Mayfield Junior School community. We welcome qualified candidates in the areas of academics, administration, and operations to join our team. Mayfield Junior School is an Equal Employment Opportunity private institution and operates in conformance with applicable state and federal discrimination laws.

To apply for this job please visit www.paycomonline.net.

Middle School Science Teacher
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