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22-23 7/8 Grade Soccer Coach

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7 & 8th Grade Soccer Coach


To Apply: If you would like to apply for this position, please access the link to our online application management system at http://www.marlborough.org/about/employment


Reports to:     Head Soccer Coach, Athletic Director, Associate Athletic Director


Responsibilities:  The 7/8th Grade Soccer Coach assists the Head Soccer Coach in providing leadership, supervision and organization for the Marlborough School Soccer Program. The 7/8th Grade Soccer Coach is responsible for coaching the team assigned to him/her by the Head Coach of the program under the guidance of the Athletic Director.  He/she is responsible for carrying out the objectives of the entire athletic program within the guidelines of the Marlborough Athletic Department Philosophy.



●       Assists the Head Coach in formulating objectives for the coming sport season.

●       Keeps abreast of new ideas and techniques by attending clinics and workshops.

●       Remains knowledgeable of rules and regulations concerning his/her sport, and keeps abreast of changes.

●       Assists the Head Coach in implementing running out of season clinics.

●       Remains active in professional organizations such as the state coaches association.

●       Assists the Head Coach in maintaining equipment and helps keep an accurate inventory.

●       Assists the Head Coach as needed.




Before Season:

●       Reinforces all regulations of the School presented in the Marlborough Student Handbook of Expectations, as well as the Marlborough Coaching Handbook.

●       Assists the Head Coach with proper care of equipment, facilities, and other duties as assigned.

●       Checks arrangement for all bus/Suburban trips with the Athletic Department.

●       Prepares and runs a pre-season parent meeting to review expectations for the season while clarifying all rules and regulations.


During Season:

●       Assumes responsibility for ongoing care of equipment and facilities being used.

●       Assumes supervisory control over any team(s) as assigned by the Head Coach/Athletic Director.

●       Works with Athletic Department to organize and schedule practice sessions on a regular basis with the idea of developing the athlete’s greatest potential.

●       Keeps a detailed record of attendance for all practices and competitions.

●       Ensures that facility regulations are understood and enforced.

●       Emphasize safety precautions and uses accepted training and injury procedures.

●       Conducts oneself and teams in an ethical manner during practice and in contests.

●       Reports outcome of contests to the Athletic Department.

●       Instructs players on rules and rule changes, and new ideas and techniques.

●       Provides the Athletic Director and Associate Athletic Director with a copy of all general correspondence and bulletins to student athletes and parents.

●       Adheres to the rules and regulations of Marlborough School.

●       Attends all Athletic Department and League scheduled meetings as requested by the Head Coach/Athletic Department.


End of Season:

●       Assists the Athletic Department on the systematic return of all school equipment/uniforms.

●       Submits to the Head Coach/Athletic Department any recommendations for schedule for next year.

●       Assists the Head Coach in selecting equipment and makes recommendations for purchases.

●       Evaluates past season and reports to the Athletic Director/Associate Athletic Director.


Job Requirements:


●       The ideal candidate should possess at a minimum a Bachelor’s degree in a related field

●       A minimum of 5 years of coaching experience at the secondary, club or collegiate level.

●       Covid-19 Vaccination Required.

To apply for this job please visit www.marlborough.org.

22-23 7/8 Grade Soccer Coach
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